RD Speed Reducer


The Winsmith RD product line offers a fret-free motor connection system
that provides quick motor replacement. The RD Speed Reducers are dimensionally interchangeable with most commonly used right-angle
speed reducers and have unparalleled performance.

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Key Features

  • Fret-free motor connection for quick motor removal
  • Compact design offers the performance of coupled products with the compactness of a quill
  • Multiple sizes and configurations available – eliminate
  • Up to 96% efficient gearing design reduces total cost of operations
  • Universal lubricant level enables hassle-free mounting and inventory consolidation
  • Interchangeable mounting options allows for easy in-plant conversion
  • WinGuard 316 Stainless Epoxy Coating is standard on all products, and has been 1,000-hour salt spray proven.
  • The stainless flake creates a corrosion resistant barrier.
  • 24-hour ship program reduces downtime and inventory
  • Smoother housing aids in easy washdown: wash down
  • Stainless steel output shafts provide improved corrosion protection


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Technical Overview

Ratio 5:1-100:1
Output Torque 200-3500 (lbf.-in.)
Input Option Fret-Free Motor Connection
Size: 1.33”-3.00” Center Distances
Input Horsepower: Up to 12 HP
Other Specifications: Helical Primary, Double Driver attachements
for double reduction capabilities
Applications Food Processing
End-user processing equipment
Material Handling


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