The SW incorporates the benefits of worm gear drives with an integral slewing ring. Its design eliminates the common “stick-slip” phenomenon often associated with traditional worm-on-slewing-ring systems. The SW system absorbs higher shock loads and overturning moments compared to traditional worm gear drives.

The patented SW all-in-one package is the best solution for aerial truck applications. It features pre-set backlash, a hydraulically driven input, and minimizes customer interface machining. SW swing drives are readily available in four standard sizes with other sizes available upon request. All SW products can be modified to customer specifications.

SD and SSD

The SD incorporates a slewing ring bearing in the drive system housing, providing ease of assembly and minimizes interface surface machining. Pre-set backlash in these swing drives eliminates the adjustment error that occurs during assembly of other rotation drives and slew rings. The SD provides a cost effective solution to rotational application requirements.

The SSD Swing Drive incorporates the SD features with the addition of industry preferred features such as square base mounting and additional operator protection.