Motion Control / Adjustable Backlash Worm Gear Speed Reducer

S-ELIMINATOR uses patented gearing technology to achieve its unique adjustable backlash capability. Backlash is adjustable to a maximum of 2 arc minutes at the output shaft. This is a level most often associated with robotic applications and is available from only a few manufacturers.

Key Features

Our S-Eliminator Motion Control Line is used in Indexing, Pharmaceutical Fluid Filling and even Welding Positioners.

We offer an adjustable backlash product with a minimum of 2 arc minutes through the entire life of the product.

A great advantage to our product, is that you can adjust the backlash without removing the product from service.


Winsmith Motion Control Products – Position Control Gear Drives
Winsmith C-Line & D-90 Type SE S-Eliminator

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Technical Overview

Ratio 5:1 – 60:1
Output Torque 160 -1813 (lbf. -in.)
Input Option Solid, Quill, & Coupled
Available Options Servo
Certifications ISO 9001
Other Specifications Field adjustable backlash to a maximum of 2 arc minutes
Adjustments can be made while product is in service
Backlash adjustment on the S-ELIMINATOR is made possible by a unique worm design with a variable thread thickness
Applications Indexing
Positioning Tables
Pharmaceutical Fluid Filling Stations