Motion Control / Fixed Backlash Worm Gear Speed Reducer

The S-MINIMIZER technology utilizes two symmetric slow speed covers designed to allow for minor adjustments in the unit center distance and resulting backlash.

Key Features

Our S-Minimizer Motion Control Line is used in Indexing, Pharmaceutical Fluid Filling and even Welding Positioners.

It offers a fixed backlash and a maximum of 11 arc minutes.

Our standard configuration offers a low, fixed backlash.


Winsmith Motion Control Products – Position Control Gear Drives
Winsmith C-Line & D-90 Type SE S-Eliminator

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Technical Overview

Ratio 5:1 – 60:1
Output Torque 244 through 1796 (lbf. -in.)
Input Option Solid, Quill, & Coupled
Available Options Solid, Quill, & Coupled
Size 1.75″ – 3.00″ Center Distance
Certifications ISO 9001
Other Specifications Easily adapted to most servo motors
Low 11 arc minute maximum backlash
Large Ratio range and many different configurations available
Applications Indexing
Positioning Tables
Pharmaceutical Fluid Filling Stations