SE Maximizer Plus

Right Angle / Washdown duty, Cast Iron Speed Reducer

One of our Power Transmission product lines, but built for the harsher conditions of washdown applications like car washes.

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Key Features

SE Maximizer Plus is designed for Washdown systems like car washers and other washdown applications, like in the food industry.

We offer our WinGuard epoxy coating system for metal protection, along with H1 food-grade Mobile Glygoyle 460 synthetic lubricant, for incidental food contact. It also contains a stainless steel output shaft for longer life.

Our Winsmith WinGuard Epoxy Coating System sets a benchmark for superior harsh environmental performance.


SE Maximizer Plus Speed Reducers
SE Stainless Steel & SE Maximizer Plus Output Bushing Kit Installation
SE Speed Reducer – 24 Hour Ship Program
Mobil Glygole Series General Flushing Procedure

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Technical Overview

Ratio 4:1 – 10000:1
Output Torque 298 – 15000(lbf.-in.)
Input Option Solid, Quill, & Coupled
Size 1.3″ through 4.3″ Center Distance
Certifications ISO 9001
Other Specifications 24 hour ship program
WinGuard™ epoxy coating system
H1 food-grade Mobil Glygoyle™ 460 synthetic lubricant
Stainless Steel Output Shaft
Applications Car Washes
Food Processing
Extreme Weather Condition Applications