SE Stainless Steel

Right Angle / Heavy Washdown Duty Stainless Steel Speed Reducer

This Stainless Steel reducer is built for Heavy Duty Washdown applications and is resistant to many forms of wear. This is what you want to use for severe environmental conditions.

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Key Features

Severe environmental protection featuring the Winshield sealing system. Quill input, solid output shaft or hollow output bore products available in nine gear ratio configurations are included in Winsmith’s 24 hour ship program. SE Stainless Steel speed reducers are built to endure the rigors of tough applications.


SE Stainless Steel Worm Gear Speed Reducers Brochure
SE Stainless Steel & SE Maximizer Plus Output Bushing Kit Installation
SE Speed Reducer – 24 Hour Ship Program
SE Stainless Steel Installation, Operation and Lubrication Instructions
Mobil Glygole Series General Flushing Procedure

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Technical Overview

Ratio 5:1 – 360:1
Output Torque 335 – 7092(lbf.-in.)
Input Option Solid, Quill, & Coupled
Size E20, E26, E30
Materials Stainless Steel
Certifications ISO 9001
Other Specifications H1 food-grade Mobil Glygoyleâ„¢ 460 synthetic lubricant
24 hour ship program
IP69K certified
Applications Poultry & Meat Processing
Dairy processing