Stainless Gearmotor


Winsmith IP69K Certified Stainless Gearmotors provide the ultimate ingress protection for the harshest food processing environments, to its product line offering. This superior washdown Gearmotor combines the legendary Winsmith Stainless Conveyor Drive with a robust stainless steel motor to provide a complete IP69K rated solution.

Stainless Conveyor Drive

Right Angle / Stainless Steel Speed Reducer


Our Stainless Steel Speed Reducer is designed specifically for the meat, poultry, seafood and dairy processing industries; stainless steel operation!



Key Stainless Conveyor Drive Features

  • Continuous, Smooth Housing
  • No covers, seams, or bolts make wash down easy and minimize the possibility for bacterial growth
  • IP69K Certified for Severe Washdown
    • 176°F water and steam at 1450 psi, 4 gal/minute
  • Premium Efficiency Gearing
    • Up to 97% efficient gearing provides affordable energy savings
  • Common Industry Interchange Dimensions
    • Simplifies installation
  • Food Safety Blue Plugs
  • Mobil Glygoyle™ 460 H1 Registered Lubricant suitable for food contact


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Key Motor Features

  • High performing gearmotor with IP69K rating, the highest-ranking Ingress Protection scale classifying high degree of protection against the intrusion of liquids and solids
  • Epoxy coated windings
  • 300 series stainless steel housing, end bells, output shaft, and conduit box
  • Double lip shaft seals
  • O-Rings between end bells, housing and conduit cover
  • Welded-on conduit box with epoxy encapsulated head entrance for superior durability and sealing
  • 4-Quadrant drain holes to remove internal condensation