The SE Encore series of worm gear speed reducers supports a wide variety of industrial applications with incomparable gearing performance. Developed with more performance features, the SE Encore series affords design engineers unbounded shafting and mounting options, motor connection options, and gear configurations.

Winsmith stocks a selection of SE Speed Reducer to expedite purchasing and shipment for breakdowns and replacements.
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  • WinGuardTM Epoxy Coating System
    • Tested and proven to be tough, durable, chip/nick/scratch-resistant
    • Suitable for high-pressure wash down and outdoor applications
    • Withstands over 1,000 hours of salt spray testing and resists severe duty environmental conditions
  • H1 food-grade Mobil Glygoyle 460 synthetic lubricant
    • Designed specifically for food grade in case of incidental food contact
  • More than 6 million configurations

SE Maximizer Plus

Winsmith’s SE Maximizer Plus Speed Reducers are intended for wash down applications. The SE Maximizer Plus features the Winsmith WinGuard Epoxy Coating System that sets the benchmark for superior harsh environmental performance.

  • WinGuard White Epoxy Paint Coating System exceeds ASTM B-117 1000 hour salt spray test
  • WashTite Motor Gasket ensures a watertight seal between the motor and reducer
  • Stainless Steel hollow and solid output shafts
  • Premium Mobil Glygoyle 460 lubricant is NSF H1 registered for incidental food contact
SE Encore Speed Reducer
Center Distances 1.33 to 4.25 Inches
Standard Ratios* 5:1 to 10,000:1
Input Power RatingUp to 29 HP
Output Torque RatingUp to 15,000 lbf-in
Gearing Efficiency Up to 97%

* Other ratios available upon request