Other Speed Reducers

D90 Type DE – Right Angle Speed Reducer

Double enveloping gearing provides high ratings and large load capacities. It offers high power density and high efficiency, in a compact design.

  • Used in any environment that requires high torque and heavy-duty service.
  • Double enveloping worm gear reducer gives you high ratings and large load capacities.
  • Pound for pound, you get more torque than with any other type of gear reducer.
  • Increased number of teeth in mesh
  • Dual contact pattern on the gear teeth to reduce contact pressure
  • Designed for versatility to allow the highest number of models
  • Increased number teeth in contact allows for higher load capacity versus traditional cylindrical worm
  • Very rigid package created by the combination of large diameter alloy steel worms and two bearing mounting in the housing

SE Stainless Steel – Right Angle Speed Reducer

This gear was developed for severe environmental protection from heavy duty washdown and features the Winshield sealing system.

  • Built for heavy duty washdown applications
  • Resistant to many forms of wear
  • Severe environmental protection featuring the Winshield sealing system
  • Quill input, solid output shaft or hollow output bore
  • Products available in 2.0″ to 3.5″ center distances and single and double reduction gear ratio configurations
  • Endure the rigors of tough applications

C-Line – Right Angle Speed Reducer

C-Line is the most complete right angle gear speed reducer line available with more than 13 million configurations.

C-LINE Worm Gear Speed Reducers Catalog