The Winsmith RD product line was engineered for optimal performance and durability featuring a universal lubricant level, a smooth housing for easier washdown and stainless epoxy coating to produce high quality performance across any industry and application. The RD Speed Reducers are dimensionally interchangeable with commonly used rightangle speed reducers and have unparalleled performance.

  • Premium Robust Gearing
    • Tough and durable speed reducer for harsh environments
    • Gearing designed for up to 97% efficiency
  • Industry Standard Dimensions
    • Allows for easy interchange
  • Universal Lubricant Level
    • One level for all mounting positions
    • Mobil Glygoyle* 460 H1 registered food grade lubricant
  • WinGuardTM 316 Stainless Epoxy Coating
    • Stainless flake creates a corrosion barrier
    • Standard on all products
    • Exceeds ASTM 1000-hour salt spray
  • Modular Design
    • Allows for stock configurations for a variety of applications
  • Smoother Housing
    • Provides easy washdown

RD Max Speed Reducer (upgrade option)

  • Stainless steel output shafts provide improved corrosion protection
  • Provides enhanced protection in wet, corrosive wash down environments
  • Option includes addition of x-ray and magnetically detectable food safety blue plugs, IP66 certification and stainless steel nameplate
RD Speed Reducer
Center Distances 1.33 to 3.00 Inches
Standard Ratios* 5:1 to 100:1
Input Power Rating0.11 HP to 10.87 HP
Output Torque RatingUp to 4573 lbf-in
Gearing Efficiency Up to 97%

* Other ratios available upon request