The Winsmith RD product line was engineered for optimal performance and durability featuring a universal lubricant level, a smooth housing for easier washdown and stainless epoxy coating to produce high quality performance across any industry and application. The RD Speed Reducers are dimensionally interchangeable with commonly used right-angle speed reducers and have unparalleled performance

  • Tough and durable speed reducer that can withstand the harshest of environments
  • Universal lubricant level enables hassle-free mounting and inventory consolidation
  • Gearing designed for up to 97% efficiency to help reduce total cost of operations
  • Interchangeable mounting options allows for easy in-plant conversion
  • Mobil Glygoyle® 460 H1 registered food grade lubricant suitable for food contact
  • WinGuard 316 stainless epoxy coating
    • Standard on all products
    • Surpassed ASTM B117 1,000-hour salt spray specification
    • Stainless flakes create a corrosion resistant barrier
  • Modular design that allows for stock configurations for a variety of applications
  • Smoother housing aids in easy washdown

®Glygoyle is a registered trademark of Exxon Mobil Corporation or its subsidiaries

RD Max Speed Reducer (upgrade option)

  • Stainless steel output shafts provide improved corrosion protection
  • Provides enhanced protection in wet, corrosive wash down environments
  • Option includes addition of x-ray and magnetically detectable food safety blue plugs, IP66 certification and stainless-steel nameplate