Custom Gearing Solutions for Any Industry and Application

Winsmith offers a comprehensive array of custom gearing solutions engineered to meet the demands of the most challenging applications.

Our experienced team of engineers and skilled machinists work closely with customers to understand specific needs to design any custom configurations and deliver results that are optimized for any industry.

Gearing Types

  • Single and Double Enveloping Worm Gears
  • Helical/Spur
  • Planetary/Planocentric Options

Input Capabilities

  • Motion Control Servos
  • NEMA Rated Devices
  • IEC Compact Devices
  • Hydraulic Inputs
  • Solid Shaft Extension for Coupling or Pulley Driven Applications

Gearing Specifications

  • Gear Ratios – Range from 1.1:1 to 180,000:1
  • Torque – Custom gearing solutions capable of delivering torque
  • from 69 lb-in to 460,000 lb-in
  • Backlash – To minimize position error in any motion control application, we can provide a minimum of 2 arcminutes of backlash

View our Custom Gearing brochure and additional details on our Custom Gearing Products webpage.